HALLOWEEN @ SMR 10-31- 2021

The last race of the season ended with the HALLOWEEN @ SOUTH MOUNTAIN 10-31- 2021. Here are the results. Congratulations to Mike VanDenHeuvel WINNER of the BOX $500 to win. We only had 14 in BOX but decided to award the PURSE anyway for sticking it out after a long rain delay. VanDenHeuvel means from the Hill a Dutch meaning. He is now from the Mountain!!! BOX Winner Fred Shipley who also took home the KOT WALLY when Mike did not make the call. SPARENZA Trophy Winner was Jamie Tabert, HEAVY X 2 time WINNER MR, TONY SULT took home the SPEED FOR ALL NHRA GUN METAL WALLY, Jr. Dragster RUDY RUDY RUDY COLE took home the BIG TROPHY with Carly Bauman Runner Up. MADDIE BROCKMEYER again took it home in the JR. ATV. We will post end-of-year points and wrap up next week.

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