1984 Ford Ltd WagonPro, Sportsman, and ModOur dad took my brother and I to the drag races, starting in the early to mid 60's (I was probably 8 yrs old). I started racing (brackets) in the early 70's, and we also ran Stock Eliminator classes in the mid-70's. As a kid … I got to see all the big name racers (up close) … because they used to travel all over the U.S. doing 'Match Races' —— Nicholson, Sox, Jenkins, Malcom Duhram, Phil Bonner, Bud Faubel, Schartman, and hundreds more. (mainly at Cecil County and York U.S 30). I was very lucky to grow up at that time. My favorite cars were the "F/X'ers" and the "Ultra-Stockers" (which were probably the prelude to Funny Cars. At an early age, I started racing at 75-80, Aquasco, Capitol, York U.S 30, Indy, Beech Bend (Ky), National Trail (Ohio), Cecil County, Atco, and Maple Grove.50 years ….. started when I got my driver's license ('71).This is a tough one .. because I guess I should say when I won the 2017 Bracket Finals Sportsman Race of Champions …. but, I cherish the A/S Class Wally that I won in 1976 at the Indy Nationals .. because when anyone wins a Wally at the nation's premier National Event, it's special.Well … a story that I recently posted on Facebook (under an old George Rupert Bracket Finals win …. photo/caption………..was one year long ago when Rupert went down to Blaney Drag Strip in South Carolina, for some 'big money racing'. (late 70's or 'early 80's). Well, my buddy and I went down there also (my friend towing with my car on the trailer). At the end of the race .. Rupert won the fast class … and my buddy won the slower class. He went up the tower to get his money …. and the guys up there (with guns on them), said to haul ass out of there (guess they didn't appreciate out-of-towners taking their money). We loaded up .. left fast …. and my buddy was so nervous .. instead of making a left turn on a road … he turned down somebody's driveway .. into their back yard. I said: "What the hell are you doing!" We were in the guy's back yard .. with car and trailer! My buddy said: "Hold on!" Somehow we got out of there…..and safely back to Pa. Wasn't funny then … but, it is now.My dad. He got us involved as kids. Not one for 'chit-chatting' he would just say: "Get in the car, and race". Use common sense and hard work.My wife, and family …… for allowing me to enjoy the sport I love.To continue bracket racing NHRA Bracket events and SBRA Bracket events …. and to get back into some big money racing.
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